PENALTY $650.00
Reading Fee per Unauthorized:
Commercial E-Mail / Phone Calls / Reply Email

Please take careful notice! website and the electronic network owned by Ron Alford, ThePlan. or DISASTER MASTERS Inc. its systems, and every one of its unique email addresses therein are private property of our proprietary business and the exclusive use of our clients and consumers needing our help or inquiring about our products or/and professional services.


We do not accept any written or graphic solicitation or informational material of any kind or design whatsoever from any server in the world for any reason without our written consent.

Written consent does not mean clicking an "OK" button that ultimately downloads and/or installs any kind of plug-in, ad on, spy ware, advertising tracking, or anything whatsoever that would allow the sender to retrieve, track or utilize the information on any one of our computers or our network, our servers, email clients, storage systems or any other device or devices that you may employ.

Doing this without Ron Alford's personal consent is considered having employed Ron Alford, his staff, his overhead and the loss of business opportunities while Alford is engaged in reading your messages, managing the removal of the above programs from our systems, talking on the phone to people that may call me to interface between Ron Alford and the principals who own, manage or in any way participated in the occurrence that triggers Ron Alford to be forced to enforce this NO TRESPASSING NOTICE.

Your failure to heed these specific rules will cost you dearly in your time, dollars and grief should you send or assisting sending more than one UCE to any address at

UCE = Unsolicited Commercial Email

Ron Alford is a professional speaker, personal coach and consumer advocate whose personal time is unavailable to anyone who fails to honor state and federal laws on Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) and/or those who would conspire to circumvent these laws using phony names, cloaking email addresses, phony servers and other underhanded techniques to disguise the senders.

What can't be disguised are the products or services being sold or the suppliers ultimate whereabouts. These underhanded and unscrupulously manufacturers and merchants deserve to pay for violating UCE laws, trespassing and consuming Ron Alford's irreplaceable time which can never be replaced.

Since this is the case, it is the people who use affiliates to do the dirty work of spamming who are ultimately responsible for the UCE in the first place. Pill pushers and makers being the largest violators will also be hit for their part in the abusive acts of creating UCE's.

To this end, this and all of our other sites are "off limits" to you and your assigns and you are forbidden access.

Any written or graphic material of any kind or design whatsoever that is received by Ron Alford which does not pertain to our business will be considered by Ron Alford as being a legally binding contract to read your UCE at the posted rate herein which is $650.00 US Currency.

Heretofore the creators of such UCE have tried to hide behind fall guys called "Affiliates or Sales Agents" claiming that the purveyors of the product or service have nothing to do with causing Ron Alford to read UCE that openly peddles products or services of the supplier, distributor, manufacturers or service provider mentioned in the UCE.

Cloaked Email or any messages sent by the affiliates of suppliers, distributors, manufacturers or service providers will be viewed by us as a strategic marketing plan and conspiracy of suppliers, distributors, manufacturers or service providers or to use third parties to act as the fall guys to blame.

Ron Alford’s standard reading FEE is

$650.00 per individual Email.

Our auto responder has warned you by sending you a link to this page so you have been given fair and reasonable constructive notice that if and when you send any more UCE of the same ilk, you and or your cohorts will be invoiced for the number of messages that we receive.


When we get 3 identical messages addressed to any of our sites like this...

123 @,
234 @,
345 @

from this point on, you have been properly informed of our reading fees and you now agree to pay a reading fee in the amount of $650.00 or in this example $1,950.00 for these three UCE's.

Spelled out that is One-thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars. American currency.

Your check must be payable to

Ron Alford
ThePlan Systems 
146-23 61 Road
Queens NY 11367

Credit cards are also accepted at 718 939 5800.

Should you fail to remit this reading fee within 5 business days via credit card or check, you will have left us with no other choice but to immediately undertake any and all means available to us to bring legal action against you for unpaid invoices plus Legal fees and additional damages as stated above.

Moreover, failure to remit reading fees automatically additional damages of time and legal expenses we will employ to commence a lawsuit for recovery and additional ongoing money damages against you personally and your affiliates in any state of the US. Companies hiding off shore selling US products will cause the product manufacture to be liable for damages.

All recovery efforts and damage claims will be made against you personally and corporately. Failure to compensate us will cause you to incur a cost of $45.00 per staff hour for each hour we are forced to invest to recover from your acts of transgression.

Consider this a fair and final warning!

No matter what, we have everything it takes to track down your home base to legally invoice you for employing our time for reading, finding you, billing and collecting damages.

Moreover, the more you fight the process, when we prevail you will also be saddled with the extra costs of your attorneys) plus court costs as well as any and all travel expenses we make to your home town to act as witnesses against you and your efforts. 

This said, we don’t understand why you think you can turn a profit by hiring Ron Alford to read your propaganda, which is sure to cost you more than it is worth.

How we will find you and collect our reading fees:

Every email address you send has an embedded code that we can use to find the sender or the re-mailer.

Registered domains owners will be billed when the propaganda is about a specific domain. Advertisers and or their assigns who employ Spam, third party Spammers or stealth type of software are all considered a party in concert to the employment

All propaganda provides specific clues as to the whereabouts of the creators and beneficiaries of the propaganda, which make you easy to find.

The Post Office box or Postal address used in your propaganda will serve as our method of invoicing and collections. Postal cops love to find people who break the law.

Concurrently, we will use every form of counter-terrorism strategies available to Ron Alford as well as retaining local Collection - Trial Attorney (s) in your neighborhood to undertake legal action against you should you be so unwise to pay our first and only invoice.

All rights reserved in all media. No part of this document my be copied, stored or transmitted in any fashion without Ron Alford's written permission.

For an annual licensing fee you can use this very successful unique method to earn reading fees from people who abuse you and your time. The inside information on how to enforce collections are included in the annual fees.